A smart energy analyzation application developed to provide energy services, products, engineers, specialists and experts with data to aid in energy conservation.

We had the opportunity to work with a start-up within Washington State University’s Office of Commercialization with the hope we could innovate Hive to the marketplace. We were brought in to help develop the brand experience and user interface designs for several use cases.

Knowing this was concept work for a start-up with a lean budget, the decision was reduce scope by doing quick logo design work and then establishing the brand’s visual identity and language within the interface designs. Basing the interface designs off of researcher’s discoveries, we were able to streamline design decisions and create a personable, friendly brand and product.

  • Logo Design, User Interface Design

  • Energy

  • 2013

Hive Logo
Hive Branding Components
Hive Mobile Application UI Design
Hive Mobile Application UI Designs
Hive Mobile Application UI Design

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